Fact sheet on information on the effects of poor oral health on learning in school-age children.

“Children’s Dental Care Access in Medicaid: The Role of Medical Care Use and Dentist Participation”
Report released from The Child Insurance Research Initiative on children’s dental care in Alabama and Georgia Medicaid programs.

“Improving Oral Health: Promise and Prospects”
Paper from the National Health Policy Forum which examines issues affecting access to oral health care.

“Seal America: The Prevention Invention”
This manual is helpful to those who would like to start a school-based dental sealant program to help prevent dental caries in children.

“The Interface Between Medicine and Dentistry in Meeting the Oral Health Needs of Young Children”
A new report by the Children’s Dental Health Project and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Center for Disease Control – Oral Health Resources
A great source for news in oral health, statistics, and state-by-state reports.

Illinois Regional Health Workforce Center Dental Workforce and Dental Access Reports

National Call to Action to Promote Oral Health
This page includes the Surgeon General’s report and Healthy People 2010

National Maternal and Child Health Coalition
Oral Health fact sheets

Oral Health Report Card for 2003
This report card provides a snapshot of oral health in America using data available at the state level. This report is published annually by Oral Health America.

Oral Health: A Link to General Health
2004 Publication from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Working Together to Manage Diabetes: A Guide for Pharmacists, Podiatrists, Optometrists and Dental Professionals
The National Diabetes Education Program has released a new resource for dental professionals. Also released is a poster, “The ABCs of Diabetes,”and a Diabetes Medication Supplement for members of the PPOD team.