A Compendium of Community Efforts to Improve Oral Health in Illinois

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Oral Health: A Link to General Health

This is the burden document that was developed by the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Oral Health. It is a snapshot of the oral health status in Illinois. It was published in 2004.
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Status in Illinois

58 of 59 Illinois Communities completing an oral health needs assessment identified access to oral health care as a priority health problem.

A survey conducted in 2001 found that 33% of the two to four year olds in the WIC program had early childhood caries.

There are more than fifty Illinois community-based programs targeting students in the free and reduced lunch programs. Since 1995, more than 500,000 dental sealants have been provided to over 139,000 school children.

Illinois communities have worked through local partnerships to develop approximately 120 clinics throughout the state. These clinics serve as a source of oral health care for our most vulnerable citizens: low income children and adults,the elderly,and the developmentally disabled.

Illinois is one of only twelve states in the United States with mandatory fluoridation laws.
CDC identified community water fluoridation as one of the top ten public health achievements of the twentieth century.

Toothbrush Consortium

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Cavity Busters

Oral Health Education Curriculum Kit includes an outline for an 8-month curriculum for children 5-18 years. Anyone who works with children will want this kit! Please see attached file which will detail all that is included in this wonderful curriculum kit that educates a safe and effective way to maintain good oral health care habits.

Also new to the product line is the Pre-School/Head Start Dental Days Oral Health Education Curriculum Kit for children 2-6 years. This curriculum kit is designed for pre-school/head start programs which encourages children to explore dental health and teaches safe and effective ways to maintain good oral health care habits with many informative and entertaining lessons.